Past Presidents are Never Past

By Wendy Mann posted Aug 31, 2017 11:25 AM


CREW Washington DC members having dinner with CREW Boston member Judy Nitsch

In the association world, there’s often discussion about what to “do” with past presidents… how do we engage them, how do we leverage their knowledge, where do we need them to support us, etc. At CREW Network, we don’t have this challenge! This recent gathering with CREW Network Past President Judy Nitsch, president, Nitsch Engineering, and members of CREW Washington D.C. leadership is a case in point. Judy is opening a new office in Washington, D.C. What is the first thing she does? Connects with CREW members in the local market. That is the strength of the Network. Business to business networking that connects you with those you need to know anywhere in North America and the United Kingdom. Now, Judy, as you may know, is a master networker. More importantly, she values creating connections among our members.

From my perspective, the past president is never past. They are just moving on to other ways to contribute to the organization and industry. It’s up to us to find ways to leverage and engage their brilliance. Sometimes we don’t have to “do” anything. They just know that their business will continue to grow and expand by participating in CREW Network. While I was disappointed to miss this dinner with fabulous commercial real estate women in the D.C. market, I know Judy brings people together and there will be future opportunities to engage, network and talk commercial real estate with these industry leaders.


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Sep 15, 2017 12:57 PM

Interesting read.  Thanks Wendy!

Past presidents, what would be some good ways for current organizations to better leverage and engage with you?

Current organizations, what has worked for you as far as engaging and leveraging past presidents?  

We'd love to year some ideas.  

Thank you!
Lori Jore, WCREW